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Academic Year 2023-24

The Ex-Students of Holy Cross High School Siolim met with the Mother General Sr. Elizabeth Miranda, and General Councilor Sr. Shaly Sebastian on 29th July 2023.

SUBROTO TOURNAMENT U-17 BOYS (JUNIOR CATEGORY) – 2023 And yet another win! The boys of Holy Cross High School, Siolim defeated their opponents Holy Family School, Porvorim by 2-1, paving their way through into the Semi- Finals. The goal scorers were Master Saksham Haldankar & Master Cyrus Fernandes. In the play-off for the 3rd place, Holy Cross beat St Britto's, Mapusa.

LA FÊTE NATIONALE FRANÇAISE ON 14TH JULY 2023 Holy Cross High School Siolim celebrated 'La Fête Nationale Française', on 14th July 2023. The French students of Std 8, 9 & 10 commenced the day with prayer during the French assembly, commemorating the significance of 'Le Quatorze Juillet', in France. The students highlighted the life of the French Royals through an enactment on stage, which was illustrated in French.

KONKANI - HINDI POETRY READING COMPETITION - STD V १५ जुलय २०२३ - शिवोलेच्या होली क्रॉस शाळेंत कोंकणी - हिंदी कविता वाचन सर्त जाली. ही सर्त शाळेतल्या पांचवें यत्तेतल्यां भुरग्यांखातीर आशिल्ली. हे सर्तीक परिक्षक म्हूण शाळेच्यो आदल्यो शिक्षिका सौ. स्मिता नागवेंकार आनी शिक्षिका तृप्ती साळगांवकर हाजीर आशिल्ल्यो. नव्व्या वेर्लेकर आनी शोर्यान कोरगांवकर हांणीं परिक्षकांची वळख करुन दिली.


SAO JOAO CELEBRATION On 24th June 2023, the students from Std I - IV celebrated the feast of St. John the Baptist (Sao Joao). It was a 'BAGLESS DAY' with loads of activities that included the Kopel making competition, Display of nutritious foods, Singing competition and Hands on learning.

INVESTITURE CEREMONY FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2023-24 On 19th June 2023, Holy Cross High School, Siolim held the Installation Ceremony of the School Cabinet.

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